April FreeRolls and Promotions at Intertops Poker

04 apr, 2014

$1,300 Guaranteed money, every week with 3 daily Freerolls at Intertops Poker

Every casino has its own promotions for its players and Intertops Poker has probably one of the best promotions an online casino can offer with their FreeRoll happening three times every day and the winning player will have the chance to enjoy a guaranteed money of $1,300 every week. To enjoy the FreeRolls Intertops Poker offers, all you have to do is to visit and register at Intertops Poker. FreeRolls are scheduled at 4:30 P.M., 6:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. EST every day.

Prizes are below:

  • First placer will get a ticket for the Sunday $300
  • Second and Third placers will get each a ticket for the Saturday $200
  • Fourth to Seventh placers will get a ticket for the Friday $100 Big Bounty
  • Eight to Fifteenth placers will get a ticket for the daily $100 Just one dollar

Make it a habit to check the casino lobby for announcements of the tournaments mentioned in the above prizes.

Please keep in mind that if you win:

  • You are only automatically registered if the target tournament is already announced or is registering
  • You need to register to the target tournament first if it is still unannounced in the poker client and if the tournament is already running no matter if late registration is accepted.

26-Day Endurance Challenge!

Another monthly promotion Intertops Poker has is the 26-Day Endurance Challenge. The promotion runs every first to the 26th day of the month. All you have to do to enjoy this generous promotion and earn prizes is to reach the set Frequent Player Points target each day. Therefore, if you play more often you will have a higher chance of winning big rewards.

Frequent Player Points needed each day for you to qualify is just as little as 14 points played for five different days within the promotion period. Completing the required minimum points will give you the chance to win an entry to the $500 FreeRoll.

Joining this challenging promotion requires no registration.

Other than the ticket to the FreeRoll, you will also get the chance to win additional cash prizes depending on the number of points you earn and the number of days you play. The higher points and the more days you play the bigger additional cash prize you can win. Please note that you are only allowed to earn one cash prize in this promotion. If ever, you are lucky enough to have been qualified for more than one cash prize, the highest prize will be awarded to you. Additional cash prize will be credited to the player’s account two days prior to the tournament’s start date.

General rules and regulations or terms and condition still apply to this promotion.

How to Turn Gold Chips into a No-Deposit Bonus?

We all love FREE and you too can get something FREE at Intertops Poker if you were able to turn Gold Chips into a No-Deposit Bonus. If at some online casinos you will get no-deposit bonus upon joining or registration, here at Intertops, current members of the casino are also entitled to this kind of rewarding bonus.

All you have to do is to play more often with real money or pay tournament fees because each amount you spend lets you earn Frequent Player Points or FPPs. Every 100 FPPs earned entitled you to a 1 Gold Chip. Turn gold chips into a no-deposit bonus by simply sending an email to poker@intertops.eu and put Gold Chips $x Bonus in the subject line. X is the amount of bonus you desire.