How To Learn To Play In A Casino

There is no universal strategy for learning to play casino games: each type of entertainment has its own rules (online casinos ranking). In this article we tried to give you some valuable tips to help you do this.

Slots playing rules

Slots, or slot machines, in the web are a screen divided into drums vertically and rows horizontally. If earlier almost all slot machines were three-drums, today 5 or 6 drums are more common. Each cell of the screen (playing field) is marked with a symbol. The purpose of the game is to get a line specific for this machine (or several at once), which is called the payline. These are established for each slot individually and are described in rules (Help or Information button). There are also statistics: the payout table (the amount earned) and the current balance (how much personal money remains). For this you need to:

  • Deposit to your account.
  • Select the amount you are ready to bet (regulated by buttons increase and decrease, and the minimum and maximum limits again determines the owner of the casino).
  • Set the number of lines by clicking Bet (will affect the amount that will be written off when betting).
  • Press Spin to start.

Casino reviews

The drums are spun randomly placing the symbols horizontally and vertically. Here, as in other products of internet clubs, a random number generator (RNG) works, which forms a random output based on a multiform algorithm. You can only calculate it using special programs, but their use is quickly detected and punished by blocking your account or even criminal prosecution (depending on jurisdiction). So there are no 100% winning strategies, no matter what the authors of numerous reviews say. Collecting a line, you can not only get a prize, but also open a special bonus game mode, which allows you to increase the amount you earned (types of casino bonuses). There are also additional effects that help or impede you in the process. In fact, today’s online devices are similar to computer games: they have a storyline, characters, animation and well-designed graphics. Several important points when playing the slots:

  • Each machine has a return rate percentage (RTP). It shows the probability of combinations (lines) falling out. You can check the RTP out on the site of the developer or casino, where you can play it. Try to choose machines with a rate above 95%.
  • Try not to use the starting package (first deposit bonus) if you play for the first time. Everything has a price: in particular, the winnings gained by using the bonus will first need to be wagered by multiplying them at least 25 times to keep it in your account. If you don’t do that, both the money you’ve given and your personal money will be burned (they will be used to pay for the bets that will be taken away from you).
  • Set a daily/weekly/monthly limit that you can spend in advance.
  • Stop at the right time. It is a fiction that you are close to success if the line is «almost» complete. The odds are always the same.
  • Do not spin the same machine for a long time, if you have won several times and then started losing. Experienced gamblers note that the slots have a kind of cycles: once the period of victories is over, it’s time to go.
  • Bet small amounts: even they give a good payout in case of a fortunate coincidence. In order to «raise» a huge amount of money, you will have to invest in full, though. In this case, the risk and success rate is unfavorable.
  • Be critical of all the advice on the internet. Filter the information.

In any case, if you are not sure about your skills, you can always try the demo mode. Almost all operators offer it.

How does a roulette table work

Everyone knows what roulette is: it’s a field with red and black sectors, each of which is indicated by a number (from 0 to 36 in European roulette, and in American roulette another 00 is added). Accordingly, even with a minimum set of values, the chance of guessing a number is 1 to 36 (the winnings will be 36 times higher than the bet), and the color is 1 to 2 (the winnings = the doubling of your bet). In addition to the above, there are other betting options (depending on the type of roulette they may vary, we’ll point out the main ones):

  • Odd/even – any dropped odd or even number (except 0 and 00), respectively, is considered a winning bet. You get an x2.
  • A dozen – bet on a sector (a combination of 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36). The bet is multiplied by 3 in case any value falls out in the selected range.
  • Columns – the same as the sector, only that it takes a horizontal row opposite to the designated (in the picture you can see that the upper column contains numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, …, 36.
  • Half – bet on the range 1-18 or 19-36. It also doubles the bet.
  • Angle – a bet on a «square» of adjacent four numbers (for example, 9, 12, 8 and 11). Winning = bet x 9.
  • Split – placing the chip on the border of 2 adjacent numbers. It gives an 18-fold increase of the bet.
  • Six-line – choice of 6 numbers at once, going one after another. If successful, you will get you bet increased by 6 times.
  • Zero – bet on 0. The payout ratio depends on whether you have bet somewhere else or not. A «Net» Zero gives x35 winnings, if you have a chip on one more field – x17, etc.

Recommendations when playing roulette:

  • You should not start with bets like «odd/even» or «red/black». The probability is higher here, but the limits are also higher, which means the money’s wasted very quickly.
  • It also doesn’t make sense to bet on a specific number, just because of the low probability of it falling out.
  • Don’t try to watch the colours falling out. If 10 times the red falls out, 11 times both the red and black can fall out. Nothing will change, and the probability theory has nothing to do with it.
  • However, there’s a frequency of numbers falling out, but in online casinos you can not see the real game, only a demo (completely different table). So, the strategy works only with long calculations. Do not hope to calculate the probability for 20-30 rounds.
  • An optimal bet is 5 chips on six-line. Thus, we close almost all the field, except for 6 numbers and zero (we couldn’t be let bet 6 chips this way). And even if each chip equals to $1 (i.e. a total of $5 for 5 chips), then if one of 30 numbers falls out (the probability of this is about 83.33%), we get $6, earning $1.
  • With less probability we can earn by betting on 2 dozens or 2 columns, as well as a combination of 1 column and 1 half. But here the coefficient is less, and the earnings are worse.

Roulette rules of the game

Card games

We have combined all the card games into one group, because despite the differences in rules, they all work according to the same principle. Once you understand one, you will quickly master all the others. By the same logic, we will only talk about the most popular kind of online entertainments: the poker. Unlike a real game, in online poker (including live) you play against a dealer. The goal is to form the most valuable combination, that is, a one that is more valuable than the opponent’s.

The list of combinations in order of increasing value

  • Senior card. 5 different cards.
  • A pair (two). 2 cards of equal value. When both opponents get combination, the one that is higher in value wins (for example, a Queen beats a Jack and an eight beats a nine).
  • Two pairs. The same as above, but in double equivalent: two Queens + two sixes, four tens, etc. The holder of the superior pair wins.
  • Set. 3 cards of the same value. The seniority is defined as in the Pair.
  • Street. 5 cards arranged in sequence. If both you and your opponent have a Street, the winner is the one with the highest value card of the five. For example, you have Street 9 to King, and your opponent has 10 to Ace. The Ace is the oldest, and it wins.
  • Flush. Five cards of the same suit. When two or more Flushes fall out, the one with the strongest card wins.
  • Full House. 3 cards of one suit and 2 cards of another. The precedence between the same combinations is determined, as in the situation with two Flushes.
  • Four of a kind. 4 cards of the same value. The primacy is established as in the Pair.
  • Street Flush. A Street in which all cards are of the same suit. Controversial moments are solved in the same manner as for the Flush.
  • Flush Royal. 10 to Ace Street Flash. Never loses, even if several players have it.

The sequence of play actions

Before handing out the cards, the dealer will ask you to make the mandatory bets (they remain in the bank if you decide to leave the game before the end of the round). You will then be given 2 cards that serve the basis for future combinations. Another 3 cards are placed on the table in the open, and it’s with them that the players get these combinations. Next, during another 3 moves the dealer puts 5 more cards on the table (3 in the first turn and another 1 in the following). Each time you are offered to give up losing your bet, raise your bet or check (continue the game without doubling). In the end you collect the most valuable combination from 7 cards (2 on the hand + 5 on the table) and take the bank if it is the oldest. The mandatory bet is charged in any case.

How to play a casino poker

  • With a bad card it is better to check (not to put in the bank) and drop the cards: there is no need to hope for a ghost victory, especially when playing with experienced opponents who calculate every move.
  • You can learn to play, calculate moves and bluff can only through practice. Articles, of course, will help you learn the basics, but in the long run only real game will help to develop the necessary skills.
  • Control your emotions – not because others can «read» your hand on them (this is impossible when playing online), but because you will do something stupid.
  • Remember your opponents’ moves – this will help in the current process and show certain chips.
  • In short terms in poker everything is decided by chance, and the skill is to minimize losses with a bad hand and to collect the maximum bankroll with a good hand. Therefore, raise your bets only if you really have strong cards (online bluffing does not make much sense).

House and strategy choice

Starting your journey in the gambling world, choose (no matter how trivial it sounds) proven and large casinos. An indicator of reliability is not just information about the availability of a license, but a specific number that can be checked in the validator of the supervisory authority. For example, if a license is issued by Malta Gaming Authority, you can enter the number in the appropriate section of the official MGA website and see if it is active. Also pay attention to the lists of operators whose games the club offers. If there are only 2 names in them (most often Microgaming and Novomatic), it is very likely that the software was copied from well-known developers: both of them could not control the situation at one time, and the copies resulted on the «black» market (game developers). А The lack of other partners may indicate that the operator is unable to formalize the partnership. The question here is: why? Even if it is not so, there is no sense in taking the risk.

Do not run after a small minimum deposit: almost all establishments where it is enough to put 2 or 5 dollars on the account to start have a license from Curacao eGaming, and it is impossible to check it (casinos with minimal deposits). This is another risk. Feedback on online establishments is mostly ordered or written by frustrated customers who abuse the rules and get busted for it. Instead of wasting time reading them, try to play for small sums (of course, having previously studied the information we gave above): you will lose a little, but will make a more accurate picture to yourself. The important point is that the demo (free) mode is not representative: it aims to attract you and is therefore deliberately a winning one.

Slots how to play

We do not recommend you to use the starting package until you have learned to play casino games and you feel confident: you will have to wager your winnings (i.e. increase it by at least 25 time; specific requirements depend on the casino) within a limited time span. Failure to do so will result in the loss of both the gift and your own money (casino fraud schemes). We specifically discussed gaming strategies in a separate review. We will only mention that all of them are based on a certain scheme of betting (for example, when after each loss, the size of the bet is doubled, and eachtime you win it remains unchanged) and do not guarantee to break the score, but only slightly increase the probability.

In addition, almost all club operators prohibit their use and have long been scanning the player’s actions with special programs to detect the presence of a certain algorithm of actions. Upon detection of such a violation, the administration has the right to suspend your account by cancelling all bets and winnings. Personal money can be returned to you or taken away (depending on the rules of a particular house, any outcome being legal since you have accepted the User Agreement by registering). The main strategy, basically, is the choice of games with high RTP and good knowledge of the rules of both the product itself and the rules of the resource.


In our opinion, it makes no sense trying to learn all online casino games at once. It is way more convenient, profitable and interesting to learn first just one direction, and then, if you want, to switch to another. For each product there are secrets and hints, but there is no universal strategy. Thus, to view gambling as a business is not a very good attitude: it is too unstable in terms of income. The gambling industry was originally created to bring emotions, adrenaline. This is how it has remained to this day, even after switching to online and smartphones.

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