The Whole Truth About Online Casinos: Fraud Schemes

The dream of pulling off the big jackpot is rooted deep in the soul of, probably, every person who’s ever heard of gambling establishments (online casinos ranking). Some try to drive it away, immersing themselves with a businesslike face in more serious questions, others comes up with or, on the contrary, study «working» schemes, trying to implement them, and some others earn from all this. Accept it: even the most serious casinos cheat on us. For this they have at least 7 opportunities. We’re not going to claim that all operators use the full set of schemes listed below, but one or two of them, they sure do adhere to.

Scheme one. Starting bonus

Each house has a welcome package, which includes either a no deposit bonus (when the gift is credited immediately after registration and there is no need to replenish the account) or deposit bonus(-es), credited after depositing a certain amount on the game balance (types of casino bonuses). As a rule, freespins (free bids on a slot of your choice) or funds you can spend on slots are offered.

It looks attractive, because it allows you to earn more and withdraw the winnings. If only it weren’t for the terms. The bonus funda are always (once again: always) subject to wagering with a certain coefficient, called a wager. In decent houses, it ranges from x25 to x40, in particularly greedy clubs (for example, JackpotCity Casino or Ruby Fortune) it can reach х60. A wager is a number that must be multiplied by the money you receive so that it is not taken away from you later. For example, you deposit €10 into your account and receive another €10 as a gift from the operator. In total, you have €20 in your account. Then in case of an x30 wager, let’s say, you need to accumulate €600 by subsequent wins (€20 in your account multiplied by the x30 wager). In the case of freespins, the amount earned with these freespins has to be wagered. And all this comes together with some curious conditions:

  • Time is limited (usually between 14 and 30 calendar days).
  •  The maximum bet during the wagering process must not exceed €5 (usually this is the amount set by the providers), otherwise the bonus will be zeroed out.
  • You can’t play card, table or live games.

Another important point: until the promotion conditions are met, all deductions come from your personal €10. If you don’t manage to wager the bonus, the starting package will be taken away, and the costs incurred will not be refunded. This is stipulated in the conditions that you automatically accept by creating an online club account. Thus, it turns out that the dream of fast earnings turns into a waste of money. After all, such conditions are difficult to fulfill even for experienced gamblers, not to say about the beginners. Of course, you may get lucky, but still it is not worth to count on luck: it is easier to refuse the welcome offer and «raise» the winnings with your own funds.

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Scheme two. Unclear terms of User agreement

Everything in the casino is governed by the Terms & Conditions, aka the User agreement. And it often happens so that some of them are not fully written or formulated ambiguously. Some of the most common cases:

  • Uniform requirements for the wagering of all bonuses (start up, tournaments, lotteries, etc.), while some of them simply cannot provide, say, a wager or do not require a deposit (casinos with minimal deposits). As a result, the client misbehaves and unintentionally violates the rules, for which he will, of course, be punished with the cancellation of the award or bet.
  • Lack of clear deadlines for processing payment requests, claims, requests to close an account, etc., which often leads to long waiting times. And there is nothing you can do with the operator.
  • Lack of a list of documents required to confirm identity when requesting withdrawal of funds: it turns out that the administration can ask for anything. In unfair casinos it does so, deliberately creating a closed bureaucratic circle (more details about will be given below).
  • Blurry wording of actions that are considered fraud: these may also be an excuse to refuse to pay or reduce the monetary limit.

Therefore, even with the most cautious behavior of a player, casino owners always have the opportunity to deprive him of funds.

Scheme three. «The histories of success» and tournament rankings

On the web, there is a plenty of stories about «giving» machines, cool clubs, where you can earn up to €50,000 per day and even working schemes of winning. And on the resources themselves you will find ratings of the best gamblers, whose income is also measured in tens of thousands of dollars. All this attracts new players to empty their pockets, making deposits in the advertised online club.

However, in the first case, it’s just an affiliate program: the owner of the site, channel or public page posts a unique (referral) link to the promoted institution, and receives income from each user that followes it and makes a deposit. It is unlikely that he seriously thinks about the honesty of the «partner», because his goal is to make money. And in the second, the figures are most likely to be just invented. It is enough just to compare the names of players and their countries of residence (often they do not correspond: for example, many users with English names, while the countries are not English speaking). The constant collection of this kind of statistics would, after all, make the site work slow.

Scheme four. Confusing verification system

To protect the gambler’s account against theft by fraudsters who have gained access to it, all online clubs have a verification procedure enacted: before paying you the requested amount out, you will be asked to document your identity and account rights. In this case, serious operators are guided by the requirements of regulatory authorities: Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Kahnakawe Gaming Commission, etc. The set is always the same standard one:

  •  Passport/ID card/driver’s license photo: shows that your profile name is the same as yours.
  • Screenshot of a bank receipt, electronic wallet or system, which shows that it is from it that the deposit was made. By the way, the payment will be transferred to this very service.
  • A copy of the receipt of payment for utility services, bank extract or other document where the address of your residence can be seen (it must match the address in the form of the gambler’s account).

Fraudsters deliberately hide such demands, in order to tire the player with requests or to refuse him or her on the grounds that they do not meet the requirements. Although there have been cases when reputable houses became a party to scandalous situations, showing disrespect for the client in this matter.

Scheme five. Fraud accusations and limitations

If, as mentioned above, the Terms and Conditions do not clearly state what is considered a breach of the house’s terms and conditions and fraud on the part of the user (or at least no examples are given), it becomes easy to punish an unwanted gambler who wins too often and block him. At the same time, even filing a complaint will be meaningless: the process will simply reveal the details of the rules. And yes, you have not been notified about them, but the maximum you can count on, even if you prove it, is to for the bets made to be cancelled. Also, the operator has the right to deny you registration or further game unilaterally, it is legal.

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Scheme six. «Technical issues» with the site/software

On the forums we often meet comments in which casino users expresse their indignation that the game crashes just when they get close to winning. It is impossible to understand and prove whether this is really a bug or deliberate actions of technical specialists, and a refunded bet is unlikely to brighten up the disappointment. Of course, for owners of gambling houses it is another great opportunity to keep their bank safe. Obviusly, by this we mean, first of all, fraudulent resources with pirated software.

Scheme seven (the simplest). Ignore

This straightforward deceptive method is used only by dishonest operators. The client does not feel the trick up untill sending a withdrawal request. Now here is where it gets started: he is sent an automatic letter of refusal, after which he stops getting answerts in the chat, by mail and phone. And since this is what unofficial organizations do (most likely, they do not even have a license), the justice can not be delievered here: the domain is easily replaced by a new one, and the actual location of the owners of the casino will be very, very difficult to identify (to start such a serious process, you will need a lot of claims from different people).

What to do

Carefully study the information about the provider:

  • The license is not just an indication of jurisdiction (e.g. Curacao eGaming), but also a document number and ideally a link to a confirmation page. The latter is not necessary, because by the number you can find everything on the website of the regulator, but shows the willingness of the administration to be open.
  • Official test results of the games by an independent laboratory with the indication of RTP: this is not a guarantee that the real return will correspond, but an indicator of the software license.
  • Availability of a physical office where complaints and representatives to the administration can be sent, if necessary.
  • News: they will help to estimate both the scale of the service provider’s activity and the real reputation, and in general will confirm the un-/official status.

Get acquainted with the User Agreement of the site, paying special attention to the following sections:

  • Responsibility of the operator in various situations: getting access to your account by third parties, malfunctions in the game software/site/device, out-of-date conditions (when the new conditions have not been updated yet, and the new conditions have already come into force), etc. All those situations in which you will then be left with nothing. If you not agree with the conditions put forward by the provider and don’t wanna follow them, it is better to say goodbye immediately to him, rather than to hope that the moment will not come.
  • Terms of bonus wagering and all the restrictions associated with it. You can clearly understand why it is necessary from the above information.
  • Conditions of payment (minimum and maximum limits, terms, what should be done before, whether the withdrawal method should correspond to the method of deposit, etc.). The stricter and more detailed the requirements, the more serious the casino, however paradoxical it may seem.

Ask a few questions about promotions, game rules and conditions of deposit/withdrawal of funds to the online consultant. First, you will see how quickly and adequately they respond. Secondly, you will make a clearer idea of a lot of things for yourself and make a conclusion whether this resource is suitable for you. Already by evasion or «blurred» answers you can smell a dishonest house.

Estimate the quality of work of the site/application (design, information saturation, functionality: the list of payment methods, language versions, filters in the game collection, etc.). Nobody would invest seriously in a product which is created simply as a scam. Therefore, the more professional and developed the resource, the more chances that it is official.

Take a look at the software developers list (game developers). The more of them, the better: it speaks of the serious legal base of the operator. It’s hard to call serious a club where only Microgaming or Igrosoft slots are represented: with all due respect to these two developers, at one time their software flooded the internet and hundreds of illegal copies were distributed. If there are no other partners besides them, it may be an indication that the software is unlicensed. And this already means lack of any guarantees.


Of course, the best solution is not to consider the casinos as means of making money, but to have fun and enjoy the adrenaline. If yet you do decide to earn, be extremely careful and ready for losses: you will not be able to insure yourself against all the risks, unfortunately.

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