Keno is a brick and mortar and online casino game that is similar to the Lotto. The game first showed up in China many years ago and was then brought to the United States as early as the mid 1800’s by Chinese immigrants. Since the game is so easy to play, it has become incredibly popular at casinos, and has the possibility for large winning payouts with relatively small bets.

Keno is most often played in the lounges at brick and mortar casinos that are specially set up just for Keno players. However, for players who don’t want to sit in a Keno lounge, most casinos offer “Keno Runners” who will collect your tickets and deliver winnings to wherever a player is outside the Keno lounges. For those players there are many television sets stationed around the casino halls to keep players informed of the winning numbers.

For more active Keno players there are video Keno games which are similar to slot machines. It plays with the same, lotto type style, but the results are available much faster to players.

When playing Keno the player selects a minimum of four numbers with a maximum of 10 numbers, all between numbers 1 and 80. These number selections are called a “Spot”, which means a player who selects 8 numbers to play is playing an 8 spot game.

To start a Keno game players just purchase a Keno ticket at one of any Keno tables located in the Casino, or at the Keno lounge. The casino will give the player a “Keno Crayon” to mark the ticket with the numbers of their choice. Once a Keno ticket is market it is then returned to the Keno desk, and a second, duplicate ticket is returned to the player. Soon a group of twenty Keno balls will be drawn randomly from a barrel containing 80 balls numbered 1-80. If enough of a players selected numbers are drawn the player is a winner, and the ticket is returned to the Keno desk to collect winnings.

Choosing A Reliable Casino

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