No Deposit Bonuses: Hidden Traps Or Money Source?

A no deposit bonus is a gift provided to a registered user of an online casino, bookmaker’s office, poker house or any other representative of the gambling industry, but does not require a deposit of the game account (online casinos ranking). It’s an uncommon thing to see today. First of all, because the owners of the establishments do not always get profited with such promotions.

The user does not put money, forming a profit for the online club, and seeks to earn without risk to his own wallet. So, after wasting the bonus balance, he often just goes to another online resource, or even tries to withdraw the money, making the minimum number of spins. That is, he takes the money. Thus, the presence of a no deposit bonus among the casino’s features may indicate that there are hidden wagering conditions, often biased: to make a certain number of spins, to earn an amount 30, or even 40 times higher than the gift, etc. Nevertheless, many newcomers fall to the tricks and end up losing.

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Types of no deposit promo

There are not so many types of «no deposits», since providers will not invest their own funds and give you something that has no money return for them: free spins on slots, free participation in tournaments and lotteries, temporary access to content. The idea is that you get involved and, having won a couple of times, make a deposit. That’s what the marketing move is all about.


In the most cases no deposit bonuses are included in the welcome (start) package of the casino, along with a bonus for the first deposit. Depending on the club these can be freespins, freeplay, freerolls or just game funds in the account (deposit as a gift). Like, for example, in Azino 777 you get 777 rubles for bets on all kinds of games (slots, card, table, live games). You can also play free limited (demo) versions of entertainments: the list varies from platform to platform (free slots).

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This is the most common type of no deposit bonuses available at the moment. Immediately after registration, the casino gives the user certain number of free bets (free spins, FS). Most often these can be used only to spin the slots selected by the provider. Thus, in Bob Casino you get 10 FS on Book of Aztec, and in Play Fortuna, 20 FS on Blood Suckers. Freespins are not always intended as incentives for new players: they are also given as a reward for players’ activity, participation in tournaments and competitions, as well as on the occasion of the holiday. For example, on Catholic Christmas Eve (December 24-25) almost all online clubs give out such gifts.


This one not only is a rarely encountered type of a no deposit, but also the most useless one, in our opinion. Gambler is provided with temporary access to popular slot machines and gaming collections, yet in order to get a real income, you need to eventually make money and fulfill the wagering conditions (we will talk about it a little bit below). Most network institutions have abandoned the freeplay (free play, FP) due to difficulties with user control. For visitors to the resource themselves it became uninteresting as well. For example, Yukon Gold Casino previously gave 500 USD for 1 hour of game time. However, due to network failures or just weak connection, the game often broke down, and not everybody would wish to dwell the computer endlessly (at that time the provider didn’t have a mobile version).

Casino types of no deposit promo


Freeroll is a prize money poker tournament that does not need to be paid for: tickets are issued in exchange for activity or coupons earned by participating in other promotions, during a festive handout or for any other reason. Often, speculative services offer free coupons. In this type of competition you can win either money to the account (at PokerStars’ most famous poker house it sometimes reaches several million dollars) or access to content. Other types of gambling (baccarat, roulette, 21, etc.) do not offer any freerolls. There are still lotteries on slots with no entry requirements, but they mostly let you earn bonus points to participate in the loyalty program or game currency for betting in the same club.

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How to get a no deposit bonus

There are different ways to activate no deposit bonuses. There are casinos like for example, the Voulkan or Riobet-like ones, that send gamers promocodes, which they have to specify during the registration to activate the special offer. Others offer to choose the desired option in the personal page and activate it yourself. Others wait to receive a request to join the bonus program via the support. The last option is the one that takes the longest, because it requires processing of the request by the customer service, which often takes several days, whereas, if making the request via the account, you are more likely to eventually end up getting an answer, because everything is well structured there.

No deposit promo how to activate it

Wagering a no deposit bonus

For clients not to use bonuses free of charge and in the end still to invest in the club, the owners of gaming resources introduced requirements for the so-called wagering, i.e. the completion of certain game volumes: the amount of money won, the number of bets made. Without it, you cannot withdraw the money earned during the promotional action. Most often you need to increase your balance by several dozen times. Usually by 30-40, less often by 50 or even 60. Let’s say you got gifted 20$ with a wager (wagering coefficient) of x40. Accordingly, you need to achieve a balance of 800$ (20 x 40), so that the provider’s conditions are fulfilled. Less often you need to place 30-50 bets or make any number of spins for an amount exceeding the specified one. Let’s say, the same 20$. There are, still, always some limitations:

  • Terms: from 10 to 30 months, depending on the casino/poker room.
  • The maximum value by spin: mainly 5-10 dollars (or another currency, of which the equivalent is set not on the basis of the exchange rate, but at the discretion of the operator).
  • Supported types of games: in all network gambling houses that we have met, the wagering is supported only on slots, and part of them gives not even 100% (earn 1$, count 1$ wagered), but 50% (count 0.5$ per dollar) or 25% (count 0.25$ per dollar).

No deposit promo rules

In other words, it takes a lot of effort to get it done right. That’s why it’s important to carefully read both the bonus terms and the user agreement, so that you don’t end up losing money. Unfair service providers aim for the naivety or ignorance of the client, first persuading the latter to activate the promo, and then not letting him fulfill the conditions. After all, in case of refusal before the wagering, all losses on bets are deducted from the personal balance (by that time there usually already is one, since the gambler is «hooked»), and bonuses are canceled.

How to withdraw a no deposit promo

A no deposit bonus is withdrawn just like any other:

  • Checking that all its conditions are met on time.
  • Leaving a request for withdrawal at your personal page.
  • If necessary (depending on the conditions of the casino), passing the procedure of verification: verification of identity (sending a scan of your passport, payment documents, receipts of housing and communal services with the actual address of residence specified therein).
  • Waiting for the funds to be credited to the specified details in due time: these are conditioned taking into account the selected payment service and the workload of the technical service responsible for processing.

In case of any delays, you can contact the customer service, and then (if it was not possible to resolve the issue with the operator) the regulatory authorities. But if the club has no license, it will be difficult to get your winnings, because only the appropriate authorization issued by the regulator gives a chance for a successful outcome of the proceedings.

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A conclusion

The no deposit bonus, although it carries less risk to the gambler than the cashback on deposit, is primarily a way to get «stuck» in a certain club. In the process of «earning» with free spins, tournaments or through the funds credited to your balance, you will somehow come to a refill the deposit, and then you will have to wager the «gift», in the process of which your personal money will be used (it is stipulated in the terms of any resource). How honest with you operator will behave, will depend solely on him.

It is not a great deal to «bias» the slot so that it does not allow you to make a profit of more than, for example, 10$. You will periodically win and lose, the illusion of an opportunity to make money will remain, but the total loss will outweigh the bonus. However, even if your service provider does not interfere with the gameplay, there is no guarantee that you will keep your initial «capital». Having received something, you will come again, because you will believe in success. Or maybe you’ll also bring your friends and relatives. It turns out that the casino will somehow stay in profit, while there’s no such certainty about you.

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