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In the past, casino games, and gambling, as a whole, were heavily regulated in India. However, lobby groups and private investors approached the authorities and sought to find ways in which they could make casino games legal; playing at casinos is generally a state issue in India, and every state has its own regulations. However, due to intense lobbying, legislation was established, which allowed for the launching of Indian online casino websites. The sites found today offer you a chance to play bingo or poker using various currencies; the rupee is also allowed so that local and expatriate punters can enjoy their favorite online casino games.

Expect great offers from Indian online casinos

The industry is still in its infancy, but you can still get an online casino for Indian players without too much of a hassle. Online gambling is a global phenomenon, and most investors and government authorities are looking forward to wooing people who love playing these games. Finding an Indian online casino offering a “no deposit” bonus is quite easy; you can venture into playing your favorite casino games without having to spend a single rupee. You have a chance to get a no deposit bonus that will double your money; you can also get others that offer you up to 10 Euros free, for simply signing up, or referring people to the site.

The future of online casino games in India

As mentioned before, there was a clamor for the legalization of Indian online casinos; local people could only play on international sites, and these were a little on the higher side when it came to paying for membership. People wanted an online casino for Indian players, which could also offer a no deposit bonus. The prayers of Indian players have been answered and there is an exponential growth of online casinos in India, giving the industry a potentially rosy future.

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Choosing A Reliable Casino

Casino Main bonus Min Deposit RTP Review Open Account
Betsson 100% (to 100€) 10€ Review Play now!
AlfCasino 100% (up to 500€) 20€ - Review Play now!
YoYoCasino 100% (up to 500€) 10€ (20€ for the start package) - Review Play now!


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