Table Games: Peculiarities, Varieties, How To Play Them

Casino table games are activities that are played at a gaming table (field) and with a dealer or a dealer and other players (online casinos ranking). Such activities are particularly popular with experienced gamblers, as they include less random than slots (although not completely excluding it), and therefore give, if you have good gaming skills, more chances to earn money.

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Main types of table games

Card games remain the most popular in online gambling industry to this day:

  • Poker, known in many varieties: Texas Hold’em, Caribbean, H.O.R.S.E., Stud High/Low, Omaha, Razz, Badugi, Oasis, Pai Gow, 6 plus, Dro, Russian, Chinese, painted, mixed types, etc. Their common goal is to collect a winning set of cards more valuable than the opponent’s. The combinations are known to all: a pair or two of pairs, set, street, flash, full house, four of a kind, street flush and royal flush (these are described in detail in the materials on poker strategies). The differences are in the number of participants, open cards, hand cards, limits and other features.
  • Blackjack, where the goal is to earn 21 points or as close to it as possible (closer than the opponents) by making a combination of cards with one or another value. Here a Jack gives 2 points, a Lady – 3, a King – 4, an Ace – 1 or 11, depending on the card set, and 2-10 correspond to their nominal value. In each game, you take, pass (refuse to take), drop cards (if you think your hand is bad) or show your hand if you believe you can win.
  • 21 – a simplified version of the blackjack (in fact, it was the basis for that). It differs from the latter by the number of combinations. In addition, it is played with a 36-card deck (without two, three, four and five).
  • Baccarat, offering bets on the outcome of the round. For example, a bet on the victory of a player (Punto), dealer (Banco) or draw. Here only cards with numbers (from two to nine) give points, and the one who gains the most wins. Unlike the activities described above, baccarat is based on pure luck: you have to choose beforehand whether you win or lose, and then it all depends on the hand.

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Another well-known casino trend is the roulette: American, French, European, card, Boule, no-zero, various balls, pinball roulette, mini-roulette. In order to guess where the ball will fall, visitors to online institutions build strategies, assess the probability of the outcome and make statistics tables. And if before in conventional clubs it was possible to put only a few options for the outcome (a specific number, even / odd, red / black, zero), on the Internet you are given with a dozen options to choose from: 5 neighboring numbers, six-line (line of 6 numbers in a row), half (less than 18/more than 18), a dozen (12 numbers in order – a third of the field), split (two neighboring numbers). The difficulty is to break into plus, because the more cells you «close», the more you spend, and the winning ratio does not always cover the cost. For example, the odd/even only doubles your bet.

Speaking about less common, but still known to visitors of online clubs varieties of board games, we can’t but note the keno and dice (craps, Sic Bo, mahjong). The first is a kind of lottery, where you need to guess which numbers will fall out. The field includes 80 numbers, for betting you choose a set of 10 numbers (in some cases – say, for example, Microgaming – of 15). Keno is considered one of the most unprofitable entertainments: the return here usually ranges from 71-75% (for comparison: in American roulette the theoretical return is close to 95% – taking into account the software manufacturer, of course).

Dice can also be called more of a spectacular rather than an intellectual entertainment. Like in keno, you predict the outcome: not the numbers themselves, but the combinations. In craps, the sum of numbers on two cubes (Pass Line – 7 or 11 Don’t Pass – 1+1 or 1+2, etc.). In Sic Bo, on one, two or three (a pair – two numbers from named fell out, Any Triple – 3 numbers from named fell out, etc.). Online mahjong stands separate, being more like poker than traditional dice, where you make combinations and earn points to win.

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Games with live dealers

It is worth noting that all of the described online table games are available in two versions: automatic (where a robot plays the dealer) and live. It is believed that live versions create fewer opportunities for owners of the institution to cheat the user. Partly, this is true, because human tricks are at least accessible to the eye and can be proved. However, there are known cases when the croupiers behaved dishonestly, cheating on behalf of the casino. Still, this happens less often and, as we have already mentioned, is detected more easily. As for the gameplay, the live table games are not much different from the traditional ones: same rules, settings, restrictions, functionality, but the atmosphere is much closer to a real institution, and many gamblers choose live primarily because of it.

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Can you play table games for free

Many casinos offer demo versions of online games. In them you do not bet real, but virtual currency («tokens») and do not risk your own funds. All you have to do is register with your personal and contact details. Sometimes the software is downloaded to your PC, but most often it is available in online format directly on the website. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the effectiveness (winnability) here is much higher than when playing with real currency, because it is important for the service provider to get you interested, to attract by seemingly easy earnings to make a deposit. Therefore, we advise you to use the demo more to learn the rules and practice your skills, rather than to assess your return.

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What casinos are the best to play with real money

When choosing an Internet club, you should pay attention to a number of points:

  • License availability – it must be a specific number, not just the name of the jurisdiction (MGA, UK Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming, etc.). Ideally, a link to the document in the official register of jurisdiction, in its absence – the ability to check its availability in the appropriate list (you just open the official website of the regulator and search the document by number, name of the company owner or domain).
  • List of developers of software (games) – there should be at least 5-10 names. In addition, the software must be licensed: this is demonstrated by the test results posted in the public domain on the casino website (game developers).
  • Design and functionality – scammers rarely invest in a one-day resource on a large scale, so seeing the cheap design or poor set of features, experienced players doubt the integrity of the provider.
  • Rules (user agreement, policy on personal data, risks) – the more they have bondage points that remove responsibility from the owners of the institution, the less chance you have in case of fraud to defend your rights, even in the official jurisdiction.

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Among the most reliable we would consider 888Casino, 21Casino, Play Fortuna, YoYoCasino, Betsson, AstralBet, Energy Casino, William Hill (although the club is out of date, in our humble opinion), Casumo Casino, Gutz and Party Casino. All of them have received a European license, have rich game collections and functionality, and are distinguished by favorable terms of agreements and bonus programs. There are, of course, other establishments that deserve attention (such as AlfCasino, Betat Casino, Betway, etc.), but we won’t tell you about them in detail in this article: all information is already presented in the «Online Casino Selection» material we published earlier.

A conclusion

Table games are presented in clubs in great variety: there are a few dozens of just card games. Each has its own rules, restrictions and specific strategies, and yet even here a stable income is hardly possible, because not everything depends only on skills – much is determined by the algorithms of software and your luck. The main thing is to choose the right place and be able to stop in the right moment. Then the cards, dices and roulette will bring more pleasure than disappointment.

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